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Smart Addressable Fire Systems

At JMH Technology, we have exceptional knowledge in electronic Fire alarm systems.  We’re accredited specialists in the technologies we operate, and we’re certified partners with the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers.

For many years standard fire alarm system have been installed which provide very
basic operations and fault protection. But now with the advance in technology
system can be more intelligent

C-tec have introducing the world’s most-advanced ‘distributed intelligence’ fire alarm system. Powered and controlled by C-TEC’s robust ‘future-proofed’ CAST
communication protocol (C-TEC Addressable System Technology).

Sharing the limelight with the panels and protocol is a talented crew of CAST fire detectors, call points, sounders, VADs and interface modules, all designed and manufactured by C-TEC here in the UK.

With 255 devices per loop, a short-circuit loop isolator in every device, multiple type codes, 40V loop voltage and two speedy programming options, it’s no wonder the system is receiving five-star reviews from fire specialists everywhere.

  • C-TEC Optical, heat and multi-sensor fire detectors, all programmable to cover virtually every conceivable smoke and heat detector application. LPCB certified to the relevant parts of EN54, they include two ultra-bright LED indicator strips offering 360 degree visibility, an ingenious detector/base locking mechanism and an onboard short circuit loop isolator. With different sensitivity settings available for different times of the day, they are among the most powerful detection devices available.
  • C-TEC CAST surface mounting call point is no ordinary device. With an onboard short-circuit loop isolator, a smooth-action resettable element that mimics the feel of breaking glass, a photoluminescent operating window and a red LED ‘alarm ring’ that illuminates the call point’s face upon activation, it is without doubt one of the most eagerly anticipated detection devices on the market.
  • Two types of CAST input output unit are available – standard and mains-switching – both incorporating the functions of a switch monitor, zone monitor, simple switch interface and output unit. Mountable on standard UK 25mm double gang back boxes, they include onboard short-circuit loop isolators, indicators for loop polling, fire/relay activated, input faults and isolator faults and relays with volt free changeover contacts for triggering roller shutter doors, gas shut-off valves, smoke vents and more. A CAST zone monitor is also available.

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At JMH Technology, we have an unparalleled depth of expertise in electronic access control security.  We’re accredited specialists in the technologies we operate, and we’re certified partners with the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers.

We are C-Tec Trained Installers, We have extensive knowledge of fire alarm systems and are able to design Fire alarm systems to meet the requirements each different type of premises and their uses.

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