Protect energy and explosive facilities from theft and intrusion with ATEX certified security installations

Defend high explosive environments with multi-layered high-performance systems from CompEx accredited engineers, no matter how far flung or extreme the location.

How ATEX certified security can defend your energy and explosive facility

JMH Technology engineers, trusted by defence and maximum security facilities around the UK, protect water board premises, wind and solar farms and petro-chemical facilities with intelligent security systems. Protect yourself when police response times are unreliable.

  • Government-trusted access control, state-of-the-art products and services, leading-edge technology to protect vital energy facilities.
  • Multi-layered defence, ATEX CCTV, full monitoring of energy and explosive facilities, long perimeters in extreme locations, reliable deterrent to theft of fuel, copper and valuable resources.
  • Explosion-proof cameras, systems will not cause explosions in hazardous environments, ATEX certified to prevent ignition of surrounding gases or dust, contain explosions or prevent sparks exiting the device to trigger an explosion.
  • CompEx accredited engineers, all JMH Technology personnel trained to the correct standard to install on oil, gas and chemical explosive plants.
  • Defend against intrusion, theft or claim, integrated and adaptable security for all parts of explosive facilities across multiple locations.
  • Reliable systems, any environment, any location, no matter how far flung.

Discover how you can save on outdated manual security with a smart access control system that swaps metal keys for digital ones.

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Certified electronic security tools for energy and explosive locations


Access Control

Protect your facility and long perimeters with intelligent access control to multiple locations. Smart key fob and key card systems from industry leading Salto, Paxton, Lenel Systems and S2 Security. Reduce threat of theft of copper, fuel and valuable resources.



ATEX certified CCTV to protect your staff, visitors and equipment. Systems from Milestone installed by Compex Certified engineers, full integration with Lenel Systems, S2 Systems and Paxton access control for explosive environments such as petro-chemical processing plants, refuelling depots and oil refineries.



Network connected intercom systems for far-flung locations across water board facilities, wind and solar farms. Reliable and versatile, from S2 Security, capable of scaling to meet multi-layered requirements of energy and high explosive facilities.


Video Badge

A visible deterrent to security threats. Total control over staff video badges integrated with footage from third party cameras at explosive locations. Capture footage of incidents as they unfold with Comelit technology and record to prevent intrusion, theft and claim.

Why Birkbeck College chooses smarter electronic security from JMH Technology

London’s Birkbeck College is renowned for its famously friendly, welcoming environment.  To maintain that effectively is a challenge and takes a robust access control and CCTV system capable of delivering rigid control and freedom of movement in equal measure.

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Discover how you can save on outdated manual security with a smart access control system that swaps metal keys for digital ones.

To arrange a visit just click or call +44 (0)845 55 77 517

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