Reduce theft from retail premises with cost-effective electronic security systems to manage independent stores 24-7

Enterprise-grade systems available to smaller retail businesses with advanced technology to monitor staff and manage public access.

Why smart electronic security will protect your retail premises

Monitoring staff and managing access to independent stores provides unique challenges. JMH Technology optimises electronic security systems to ensure smarter retail business protection. Keep valuable stock safe from both internal and external theft.

  • First-class access control, protection against stock theft, easy-to-manage key fob access, audit trail information across access points throughout your store, you control who has access where.
  • Highest resolution CCTV, discreetly monitor staff and contractors, and movements throughout retail premises.
  • Visible deterrents to external theft with high-resolution CCTV and security screen presence throughout retail stores.
  • Optimised for your store, flexible access plans permit individual programming of certain areas for contractors and different staff, managed digitally.
  • Aftercare quality assured, reduce future budget expense, fast service response, cut the number of call outs.
  • Advances in technology enable integrated digital management of security, enterprise-level systems, cost-effective for independent retail businesses.

Discover how you can save on outdated manual security with a smart access control system that swaps metal keys for digital ones.

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Cost-effective electronic security tools for retail stores


Access Control

Manage who has access to your store 24-7, day staff, night security staff and customers. Smart and easy-to-manage key fob and key card systems from industry leading Salto, Paxton, Lenel Systems and S2 Security. Installation and aftercare quality assured.



Manage all areas of your retail premises. Discreetly monitor staff and contractors. Powerful CCTV systems from Milestone capable of full integration with Lenel Systems, S2 Systems and Paxton access control. Deter and protect against internal and external theft of valuable stock.



Reduce internal theft with network connected intercom systems across all areas of your retail premises. Flexible and versatile, from S2 Security, capable of scaling to meet challenges of independently owned stores and smaller retail businesses.


Video Badge

Use security badges as a visible deterrent to abusive or criminal behaviour in public store areas. Centrally control video badge issue, integrate with footage from third party cameras. and capture footage of incidents as they unfold with Comelit technology.

Why Birkbeck College chooses smarter electronic security from JMH Technology

London’s Birkbeck College is renowned for its famously friendly, welcoming environment.  To maintain that effectively is a challenge and takes a robust access control and CCTV system capable of delivering rigid control and freedom of movement in equal measure.

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Discover how you can save on outdated manual security with a smart access control system that swaps metal keys for digital ones.

To arrange a visit just click or call +44 (0)845 55 77 517

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