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Since 2007 JMH Technology Limited has been providing multi-layered security systems to enterprise and business grade clients.  Expertly installing smart access control, CCTV, intercom and video badge systems that do so much more than simply secure buildings and protect staff.  From Salto to Lenel, S2, Paxton and Milestone, our world-class product range gives you total security.  With easy to manage systems that place you firmly in control and bring an end to constant service call outs.

We’re fully accredited to the Government’s Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), hold Enhanced DBS status and are CompEx certified, an assurance that our security engineers have been trained to the correct global standard to work in explosive atmospheres and potentially hazardous environments.

From our head office in Harlow, and regional offices in Glasgow, Manchester and Dunstable, our security engineers are perfectly placed to provide reliable nationwide support.  Worldwide coverage is available for larger project works.



S2 Security

Industry Sectors

Protect against theft of valuable stock, discreetly monitor staff and digitally manage who has access to your store 24-7.

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Shield against internal theft, do away with out-dated manual keys and be in complete control, day or night.

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Simplify your drug security and strengthen staff safety.  Create reliable digital records demonstrating CQC standards of quality and safety and reduce staff stress caused by false allegations.

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Modernise confidential data management.   Meet the stringent accountability and transparency obligations set by The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Save on outdated manual security, protect against vandalism, manage multi-site staff movement and digitally control contractor access.

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Augment maximum security with robust management options allowing freedom of movement at even the most challenging facility.

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Defend against intrusion, theft and claim with ATEX CCTV that performs no matter how far flung the location or extreme the environment.

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Create reliable digital records to prove robust safeguarding practices and reduce staff stress caused by false allegations.

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Discover how you can save on outdated manual security with a smart access control system that swaps metal keys for digital ones.

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