Scalable and reliable video surveillance

Replace outdated analogue CCTV with smart IP video surveillance and dramatically improve video quality, evidence capture, and coverage reach.

Upgrade your outdated CCTV to IP video surveillance.  It’s the smart way to enhance safety and efficiency

Advancements in IP technology and CCTV camera definition now make is possible for businesses of all sizes to adopt a more effective approach to video surveillance.

If your existing CCTV system is not fit for purpose, with outdated low definition cameras and an analogue system that limits where cameras can be placed and viewed, there are efficient ways to address this.

Whether you want to protect an independent boutique from theft and fraud or ensure the safety of people and assets at a national high security facility, adopting IP video technology will not only allow your organisation to monitor buildings, staff and assets but also achieve process insights and cost savings.

  • Ultra HD Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ), static cameras and ATEX certified CCTV cameras, either in discrete domes or traditional box style cameras
  • From a single site with 1 camera, up to multiple site corporate installations of 64 cameras per server & much more
  • Create high-quality evidence with advanced video search and recording tools, View, play back and share video clips with ease
  • Broadcast messages easily and speak to people at gates and entrances with two-way audio
  • Monitor buildings, people and assets on smartphone or tablet
  • Add more cameras and hardware without decreasing system performance
  • Make use of the existing broadband infrastructure, allowing greater freedom of installation and viewing locations anywhere in the world
  • Increase functionality by integrating IP video technology with other electronic security add ons including access control, intercom and video badge solutions

Discover how you can protect against fraud and theft with a smart IP video surveillance system that swaps outdated analogue cameras for ultra HD ones.

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At JMH Technology, we have an unparalleled depth of expertise in electronic access control security.  We’re accredited specialists in the technologies we operate, and we’re certified partners with the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers.

As principle reseller, we join forces with Milestone, Lenel and S2 to design, implement and support smart IP video solutions that meet any surveillance challenge, of any size, anywhere in the world.


As registered resellers of Milestone CCTV and IP video surveillance systems we have a proven track record helping clients to choose the right XProtect product for their needs.  Installing and supporting often complex systems from single site users through XProtect Essential Single to XProtect Corporate Multiple.


We are Lenel Approved Installers, with an extensive track record designing and installing flexible CCTV and IP video surveillance systems using the Lenel Prism® IP Video Management System (VMS).   Prism® features and easy to use interface and is available standalone or integrated with the Lenel® OnGuard® security management software.  It’s feature-rich set of tools result in fast, high-quality user decisions, reduced training costs, and more efficient use of personnel.


We are an S2 Principle Reseller and utilise the comprehensive range of S2 access control products to tailor a solution around your businesses’ needs.  S2 systems work with existing infrastructure and peripheral devices, making deployment easy. And, as your organisation and needs grow, migrating to larger S2 access control systems is seamless.

Why Birkbeck College chooses smarter IP video surveillance from JMH Technology

London’s Birkbeck College is renowned for its famously friendly, welcoming environment. To maintain that effectively is a challenge and takes a robust access control and CCTV system capable of delivering rigid control and freedom of movement in equal measure.

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