Future-proof your intercom with a versatile, networked system able to cope with increasing requirements

Enable your team or residents to manage door entry demands, remote help points and calls for assistance from anywhere in the world with video intercom monitors. Trusted by hospitals, luxury residential property developers and universities, and proven to integrate seamlessly with existing network infrastructure.

Switch to a network integrated intercom system. It’s the smart way to manage door entry and unique access requirements

If your traditional one to one intercom system is causing concern, with uncertainty over how it will cope with increased demand for remote management and unique requirements such as disabled refuge, there is now an efficient way to address this.

Adopting a networked intercom approach will allow your organisation to intelligently manage door entry and communication.  With indoor and outdoor design-conscious products capable of voice and video door entry.  Answerable by staff or residents in multiple locations, and easy to scale for applications such as apartment buildings and student accommodation.

  • Networked intercom systems, utilising the existing computer network infrastructure
  • Easily scalable door entry for a limitless number of users
  • Robust, design-conscious products suited to modern architecture
  • All systems can be administered remotely
  • Automatic re-routing to paging system or alternative attendant
  • Control access, answer intercom calls and open doors and gates from anywhere in the world
  • Make security or safety announcements to your network of door entry monitors
  • Video log of recordings from outdoor door entry monitors and cameras
  • Capable of integration with Paxton, Lenel and S2 access control and CCTV systems

Discover how you can manage door entry from anywhere in the world with smart networked intercom technology.

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At JMH Technology, we have an unparalleled depth of expertise in networked intercom solutions.  We’re accredited specialists in the technologies we operate, and we’re certified partners with the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers.

As principle reseller, we join forces with Comelit, Paxton, Lenel and S2 to design, implement and support smart video intercom solutions that meet any door entry challenge, of any size, anywhere in the world.


As a professional Comelit partner we have extensive experience installing Comelit door entry and video surveillance systems throughout Europe. This includes voice over IP (VoIP) door entry monitors at a wide range of sites, from universities to large apartment buildings and residential developments.


As registered installers of Paxton Access Control Systems we provide a specialist design and installation Service to meet any requirements you might have. Expertly combining Paxton Net2 electronic door components, peripherals, and software to deliver a function rich solution capable of managing emergency lockdown, intruder alarm zoning, anti-passback, timesheet tools, timeline / attendance auditing, IP camera viewing, SME/Email alerts and more.


We are Lenel Approved Installers, with an extensive track record designing and installing flexible access control systems with an unparalleled feature set. Lenel OnGuard Access offers built-in support for all card technologies including MIFARE and iCLASS smart cards, as well as biometrics and wireless access control devices. Following the latest software release from UTC Fire & Security, Ge Security /Casi Rusco end users can now migrate from Secure Perfect & Picture Perfect to OnGuard.


We are an S2 Principle Reseller and utilise the comprehensive range of S2 access control products to tailor a solution around your businesses’ needs. S2 systems work with existing infrastructure and peripheral devices, making deployment easy. And, as your organisation and needs grow, migrating to larger S2 access control systems is seamless.

Why Birkbeck College chooses smart access control from JMH Technology

London’s Birkbeck College is renowned for its famously friendly, welcoming environment. To maintain that effectively is a challenge and takes a robust access control and CCTV system capable of delivering rigid control and freedom of movement in equal measure.

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Discover how VoIP video intercom systems can make managing visitor help points and calls for assistance straightforward.

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