Boost patient and staff safety with cost-effective electronic security systems for healthcare facilities

Demonstrate CQC drug security compliance, control movement digitally, and create reliable digital records with smart access control and CCTV systems.

How smart electronic security can protect your healthcare facility

Safeguarding patients while protecting staff from false allegations provides a complex security challenge. JMH Technology electronic systems are smart enough to deliver drug security, furnish indisputable evidence and reduce staff stress.

  • World-class access control, define who has access to varying sites such as emergency wards, clinic patient rooms, pharmacy, hospital staff offices.
  • Electronic access keys to protect against drugs theft instead of an outdated drugs cupboard log book, provide a secure environment for all stakeholders of healthcare facility, strengthen staff safety and comply with CQC standards.
  • High-resolution CCTV, discreetly monitor staff, hospital or clinic patients, outpatients and visitor movements, to ensure drug security and patient safety or demonstrate CQC standards of quality of care provision.
  • Create reliable digital records, demonstrate Care Quality Commission standards of care and safety, negate risk of false allegations against trusted staff with easy-to-manage systems, reduce staff stress and staff turnover by providing clear footage as evidence.
  • Multiple sites access control integration, link all hospital or clinic services, including canteens, public access areas, and transportation access points into your healthcare facilities.
  • Manage access control rights remotely, perfect for mobile staff such as home care workers or visiting doctors, update access credentials centrally across a wide range of disparate healthcare facilities.
  • Hygenic technology implementations, antimicrobial silver ion technology to eliminate up to 99.99% of microbes on product surfaces, provide a more hygienic environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Discover how you can save on outdated manual security with a smart access control system that swaps metal keys for digital ones.

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Reliable electronic security tools for healthcare facilities


Access Control

Simplify CQC-level medical drug security and strengthen staff safety with robust access control to all areas of your hospital, clinic, care home or social care centre. Smart key fob and key card systems from industry leading Salto, Paxton, Lenel Systems and S2 Security for staff and patient protection.



Manage digital recordings with high-resolution CCTV and counter the rise in false allegations against your staff. Powerful systems from Milestone that can fully integrate with Lenel Systems, S2 Systems and Paxton access control. CQC standards of safety and drug security.



A wide range of healthcare sites from main hospital buildings to staff accommodation and care home facilities can covered by a network connected intercom system. S2 Security is versatile, capable of scaling to meet the complex requirements of your clinic or social care centre.


Video Badge

A visible deterrent to abusive behaviour against your staff, video badges can be managed with Comelit technology, with footage centrally stored and integrated with recordings from third party cameras. Protect staff against false allegations, and demonstrate CQC standards of patient safety.

Why Birkbeck College chooses smarter electronic security from JMH Technology

London’s Birkbeck College is renowned for its famously friendly, welcoming environment.  To maintain that effectively is a challenge and takes a robust access control and CCTV system capable of delivering rigid control and freedom of movement in equal measure.

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Discover how you can save on outdated manual security with a smart access control system that swaps metal keys for digital ones.

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