“JMH Technology were able to provide a cost-effective large-scale ATEX CCTV installation across our European sites.  Expertly combining smart access control systems to address our niche safety and security concerns”


NuStar is a global leader in the petroleum pipeline and terminal industry, with operations in North America, the Caribbean and Western Europe. In the UK the firm operates from sites at Grays Terminal in Essex, Eastham Terminal and Runcorn in Cheshire, Grangemouth Terminal and Clydebank in Scotland, and Belfast Terminal. With European operations also including Amsterdam Terminal in the Netherlands.

Due to the scale of the petrochemical facilities they operate, a CCTV installation and a multi-site access control system was required capable of addressing a range of serious safety and protection challenges.  The system must be capable of assisting reduction of claim allegations, protecting against personal injury claims and acting as a deterrent to theft of fuel. Products on the sites include petroleum, diesel, gas oil, kerosene, gasoline, ethanol, various chemicals, lubricating oils, additives, acids, vegetable oils and animal fats. As an example of the scale involved, Eastham Terminal has more than 150 tanks, with a capacity of two million barrels.

NuStar needed a supplier with considerable expertise and experience of working in the energy and explosive sector, and one which met strict ATEX certified security standards.


After a detailed risk assessment process, a full monitoring CCTV system was installed by JMH Technology from scratch at each of the UK and mainland Europe NuStar facilities. Each site covered a vast area, with large exposed perimeters.  This meant installation of significant quantities of CCTV cameras and cabling.  Explosion-proof PTZ cameras were installed where required within hazardous environments.  All ATEX certified to prevent ignition of surrounding gases or dust, to contain explosions or prevent sparks exiting the device to trigger an explosion.

JMH Technology engineers are CompEx accredited with personnel trained to the correct standard to install on oil, gas and chemical explosive plants. To keep costs down where possible, JMH Technology took an intelligent approach, and expertly recommended appropriate, more cost-effective cameras were used in non-explosive locations. The smart access control system was designed and installed to NuStar’s bespoke requirements, delivering individual systems, they can be monitored centrally by NuStar head office, as well as independently by the separate sites.


NuStar now has a highly-efficient, superior quality CCTV system across their entire UK main land Europe network of petrochemical facilities.  The team benefit from a reduction in safety concerns and protection challenges from the new cost-effective CCTV solution.  Figures in show a reduction in break-ins, prohibited use of mobile phones and smoking where not permitted, and of costly fuel theft thanks to the deterrent of visible cameras.

The smart access control system now ensures that individual facility and head office management staff know exactly who is on, and off site at any given time.  Invaluable for safety, protection and security.  And, because the smart system is controlled by NuStar head office, with intelligent fail safes engineered throughout, a local facility shut down or catastrophic event will not derail CCTV recording or access control management.

High-resolution camera monitoring has also enables NuStar to spot any fuel leaks on pipelines very quickly, ensuring a rapid response time.  Crucial when large volumes of valuable and highly flammable fuels are involved. The CCTV footage of inbound petrochemical products assists them in matters of compliance and safeguards VAT and duty documentation processes for HM Revenue & Customs.  Not only that, but the NuStar team also find the footage is invaluable from an immigration perspective, enabling constant monitoring of personnel movements as they dock boats and operate on jetties and exposed coastal sites.